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Novos Códigos Promocionais que apareceram por aí

I had just started playing the game of  Official Virtual Sticker Album of 2010 World Cup and discovered that’s on the internet a list of promotional codes for generating promotional envelopes in the game.

These are the promotional codes manjar most of the moment:

1 – 4V8QBYU7
2 – 7BUY39F7
3 – 4L6QUVV5
4 – 4FBGE83A
5 – 23EJAFW5
6 – 3Y69P7BJ
7 – 4TNL2XLY
8 – 6634L9WC

And from the addresses below you get the extra stickers for the first two pages of the album, consisting of stages and more news about the country hosting the World Cup 2010:

(Note: on each page of each stage is a pair of stamps!)

Although they say that the Internet seems in some country in the world you can find promotional codes on the bottles of Coca-Cola!

New Promotional Codes that appeared around

I learned a new list of promotional codes for the album’s Virtual World Cup 2010 FIFA with Coca-Cola and Panini that appeared there.

Following is the list below:


I discovered something interesting that also knew noes, it seems to get the figurine shiny shell of the selections you need only complete the whole team.
Hehehe, nice little game!